TaxWise Fixed Asset Manager

TaxWise Fixed Asset Manager 10.2

The software gives control of your client's fixed asset data
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This easy-to-use program gives you complete control of your client's fixed asset data and speeds tax preparation by exporting to the client's TaxWise tax return. Quickly track federal, state, AMT and book depreciation on an unlimited number of assets for an unlimited number of clients.

The import function makes it easy to get started with TaxWise Fixed Asset Manager.™ Simply import existing data from your clients' TaxWise individual, corporate, partnership, or fiduciary tax returns directly into the Fixed Asset Manager program. You can even import from Thompson Fixed Asset CS and ProSeries Fixed Asset Manager!

Enter asset information throughout the year so the program is up-to-date for interim reporting, tax planning and tracking purchase and disposition of assets. Then at tax time, transfer data seamlessly into the client's TaxWise individual, corporate, partnership, or fiduciary tax return. Re-keying asset information is a thing of the past.

A drop-down list for asset category speeds data entry. And the program automatically calculates the most widely used method, recovery period, convention, current year depreciation and next year depreciation. Fixed Asset Manager supports a wide range of depreciation methods and handles complex transactions such as trade-ins, like-kind exchanges and installment sales with ease.

A variety of detailed reports allow you to track and analyze asset activity. Print reports or export them to a variety of file formats, including Adobe PDF, Crystal Reports, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.

Expanded Administrator rights over all users allow the Administrator to move, edit and view all clients created by all users, making it easy to manage client records.

The Standard/Actual tab will save time by comparing the standard mileage and actual expense on the same screen, and then selecting the most advantageous.

The import/export function supports the tracking of a client's asset data for multiple activities such as assets for several different rental properties or multiple Schedule C businesses.

Fixed Asset Manager is integrated with other TaxWise products. In addition to exporting asset information to the client's tax return, you can print reports to Scan&Fill and Document Manager where they can be stored with other client documents. This program also integrates with Client Accounting Suite to provide asset information necessary for financial reporting.

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